Adventures with Dino and Family – Part 4 – A Bench, a Triforce, and a Final Farewell!

On the way back to Castel San Giorgo, Dino and Grazia took Ruth and me out for pizza and wine while I told them of my experiences in Avellino. It felt so good to see them again, and when we finally got home, I had never felt so at home, or happy to be home.

The next day I discovered that in my hasty exit from Avellino, I had lost something precious to me: My bronze Triforce pendant. You may have noticed it in a picture or two. The Triforce represents Courage, Power, and Wisdom, all of which I felt I had needed in great supply to make this drastic life change of mine, and had relied heavily upon throughout my journey. While I did have another (backup triforce: don’t leave home without one), it was a cheap and ugly imitation, and didn’t hold near the sentiment. All this may sound lame to you, but it was a mighty blow to me and my resolve.

This time around Dino already had a volunteer for English, so he set me to work on something of a different nature. He had just been gifted an old wood and cast iron bench, that was in much need or restoration. I’ve never considered myself much of a handyman, but I set to work on it, and loved every minute of it. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a before picture, but here’s the finished product!

Bench Restored!

Dino surprised me one day with a gift. He seemed so giddy and excited to give it to me, but I think my reaction may have been a bit more than he had expected. He had made a Triforce out of leather for me to wear as I continue forward with my journey.

Power, Courage and Wisdom, forged by Dino!

My time with Dino and his family went by quickly and before I knew it I was on a train to Sicily looking back at all the incredible moments shared and memories made. I’m sure Dino wouldn’t appreciate me posting it on here, but I cherish the video I have of him strumming some reggae on his guitar and singing late one night. I remember teaching trying to teach Dino and Grazia east coast swing dance, and failing. Ruth on the other hand caught on more quickly than I knew what to do with, and we danced for the delight of Dino and his family. Early morning coffee, late night wine, and endless, endless conversations and expressions of kindness. Seriously, endless.

Chess with Dino!

Even when it finally came time for me to leave (again), they couldn’t stop themselves from pushing the boundaries of love and kindness. Dino drove me to Naples where I’d be taking an overnight train from to Syracuse. He bought me one last coffee, shared one last incredible chat, and made me promise we’d see each other again a couple times over the next few years. Grazia cooked Italian traveling food for me, packed it up with a little bottle of wine and small bottle of a liquor that’s supposed to be drank after a meal to help with digestion.

After everything Dino and his family did for me, the least I could do is ask all of you to take a glance at his work. He hand makes some of the most beautiful handbags you’ll find! Check them out at Insettoamaro!

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