Adventures With Dino and Family – Part 2 – High Up Places and Cities at Night

Ahem. Where were we? Oh yes, only at the biggest highlight of all my travels, and in the company of the most dear and sincere people I’ve had the fortune to meet along my journey: Dino and Family.

My stay with Dino and family is remembered first and foremost by the depth of the bonds I formed with them, and second by sheer tranquility I experienced while in their home and company. This whole travel the world thing can be a lot more stressful than you’d think. Adding to that, the fact that my mind has a habit of over-complicating everything means there are many, many times when I feel overwhelmed, stressed, and at times, directionless (Please bear in mind that I did, after all, recently quite my job of 11 years, sell everything I own, and leave my home of 30 years, my family, friends, and love ones. And you wouldn’t believe the amount of time and effort the kind of planning this lifestyle takes! Side note: Not complaining, just explaining).

For this, I could simply not have been in a better place, or in better company. There was simply an air about the place that whispered, quite sternly, of peace, relaxation, and happiness. The garden was a place of quiet contemplation. The dinner table was a place of cheer and jest, the workshop was a place of lighthearted “work”, and the whole of Dino’s home and flat was beautifully welcoming.

Most important, Dino and his family were the perfect, and I mean perfect, company for the weary traveler. Ana Ida could lighten my mood and make me chuckle at whim simply by loudly exclaiming my name to call me for another important life lesson in a language I didn’t understand. Her laugh, was the vanquisher of tension. Grazia, while my direct interactions with here were few, always surprised me with the intensity of her eyes, and the sincerity behind them. I’ve never felt so strongly that a person who cannot communicate with me in a language I understand, cared so much about me and my well-being. And Dino, well, if my mind has a habit of over-complicating things, Dino has a habit of simplifying things. He has an inspiring perspective on life backed by a keen understanding of philosophy and a general practice of happiness. I left every single one of our wonderful chats feeling better than I had before.

But that’s not what you want is it? What I remember most, and second most about my time with Dino and Family is understandably more gratifying for me than for you. What you want is more along the lines of what I remember third most. Adventure! Exploration! Pictures! Well guess what, there’s plenty of those dead ahead! Here we go!

One of the first things Dino and Grazia did was bring me to Vietri Sul Mare for an evening of Italian gelato and pizza! This beautiful coastal town north of Salerno was gorgeous beyond the capturing of my photos.

Welcome to Vietri Sul Mare!

The beach at Vietri Sul Mare

Where delicious gelato and pizza happen!


A couple days later Dino and I went for a drive to pick up some essentials (wine), and along the way he just says, “I want to show you something”. a short drive later we end up here:

Mount Vesuvius

That’s right, that’s Mount Vesuvius right there!

Beautiful view of Castel San Giorgo!

Next in my adventures with Dino and Family was a weekend trip to their place in in Ascea! And of course, along the way they showed me the city of Agropoli and the Castello Angioino Aragonese!

Looking back, the road to the castle was a battle against gravity!

Every twist and turn was more stairs!

If it wasn’t stairs, it was still an uphill climb..

Along the way to the castle I found Lumière!

Along the way we saw some some pretty interesting church doors.

Really interesting church doors in Agropoli.

Finally! We reached the moon guarded gate!

Of course, since it was night, it was closed, but we admired it from afar!

Castle tower and walls.


After seeing the castle we enjoyed the cool night air and scenery for a bit before heading back (DOWN, thankfully) to the car to finish our drive to Ascea. Over the weekend in Ascea I had some truly amazing experiences, and I saw some incredible sights with Dino and Grazia! Tune in next time for some ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, greek temples and more! Until then, goodnight moonlit Agropoli!

Goodnight moonlit Agropoli!

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