Cagliari and Couch Surfing!

My new life as an expat began as I landed in Cagliari, Sardenia around 6:00PM. I had arranged to stay with a gentleman by the name of Alessio via the website Couchsurfing. He had never hosted a couchsurfer before, and I had never surfed a couch before. 

Flying over the island of Sardinia!

Successfully landed! Here we go!

This was a huge leap of faith for me. Trusting that a stranger would simply let me spend the night at their house for free. I can’t imagine the opposite though, trusting a stranger to stay in  your own home. I was naturally nervous, but wow.

Alessio was waiting at the airport with his girlfriend Mari. They were immediately friendly, excited, and welcoming! Alessio spoke intermediate English, and Mari translated when necessary.

Together they took me  (at my request) to their home for a shower. Long flights and layovers have a way of making showers more valuable than you have ever imagined.

Afterwards Alessio and Mari took me on a tour of Cagliari, to the beach (Oh My Greatness, that beach!), to the best lookout spot over Cagliari,  they cooked me dinner (delicious!), treated me to Italian gelato, and bid me “Buona notte, dormi bene!”

The beaches of Cagliari, Sardinia!

A night view of the the city! Cagliari, Sardinia

Alessio, Mari, and myself, right after finishing our gelato in a park!

The “couch” I was to sleep on was actually a private bedroom with an “oh so welcoming” bed. The room had one of those windows on the low end of the ceiling where you can push it out and gaze upon the beautiful city of Cagliari. The neighborhood and scenery were yet another wow!

Altogether too early the next morning, Alessio and Mari drove me to the train station for my journey to Oristano where my Workaway host would be waiting for me (or would she? tune in next time to find out!).

Alessio and Mari helped me buy my train ticket (maybe I should mention that I don’t speak more than 5 words in Italian). Afterwards there were many heart felt goodbyes before they helped make sure I got on the correct train.

Altogether, Alessio and Mari showed me how amazing human beings can be. They were amazingly accommodating, welcoming, and understanding. Most of our conversations were about cultural exchange and our pasts. They helped make the first night of my drastic, ridiculous, emotionally chaotic life change… simply wonderful.

Alessio and Mari made me, a stranger who left his job, his family, friends, loved one, and his home, feel… at home. Thank you!

Endless thanks to Alessio and Mari. I will never forget the kindness you showed me! May our paths cross again, I love you both!

Alessio bids me farewell at the train station.


Mari bids me farewell at the train station.


As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Wtf dude,you’ve left me hanging( not being a social media participant like the rest of the world)…….new post on this site please

    • BAHAHAHA! Sorry Tod, Time kind of got away from me for a bit there! I’ll get back on it soon! Thanks for reading what little I’ve offered so far, and I”ll do my best to keep you more regularly up to date! Also, get a Facebook page!

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