“When we last left our hero…”

The train sped swiftly across the island of Sardinia, bearing me from its capital, the beautiful city of Cagliari on the south coast, to Oristano, a city on the west coast about an hour and a half away. For those not familiar with the island of Sardinia, It’s no small matter. Measuring about 100 miles by 75 miles, and boasting more than 1,100 miles of coastline, Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. There’s your geography lesson for the day. …Read More

My new life as an expat began as I landed in Cagliari, Sardenia around 6:00PM. I had arranged to stay with a gentleman by the name of Alessio via the website Couchsurfing. He had never hosted a couchsurfer before, and I had never surfed a couch before.  …Read More

I’m gone! I’ve left! After 8 months of planning, it’s finally happening! Right now! We have liftoff!

I’m sitting in an airport in Frankfurt, Germany trying to wrap my head around the past 24 hours. What have I done? …Read More

Alright, I am now 20 days from flying out of the country with no return date. This is the first time I’ve ever tried to plan for long term travel. Here’s what I’ve done to prepare so far, and what I still have planned to do.

For fun I started listening to travel podcasts back in November of 2016, and  by December I decided I was going to quit my job and travel the world. Much of that was inspired by listening to Jackie from Budget Minded Traveler. There I found plenty of tips and tricks for traveling the world on a budget (including the Workaway program). Before listening to her podcast, I didn’t think that something like this was even feasible. Of course, making the decision, and planning how to do it are two entirely different things.

How does one plan for long term travel? …Rread More

Have you ever wondered, “What if?” …Read More