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Hello, and welcome to Exploring Alexander! This travel blog is about me, Alexander Garber, and my decision to put down my favorite fantasy novels and explore the world we live in!

On August 28, 2017 I left my home of 30 years, and my job of 11 years, to travel and explore the world!

This was not an easy decision to make, and by no means a simple one either. The events and thought processes that led me here can wait for another time. For now, let me share with you  a concise outline of what’s I’m doing.

I left the US in late August of 2017, with no planned return date. I am focusing on the art of traveling slowly, giving myself time to soak in the culture of the countries I travel through, and see what its like to live in each one.

I aim to accomplish this by spending approximately 3 months in each country, 1 month in 3 different parts of that country.  In the beginning, my travels will be focused around the Mediterranean. I’m particularly fascinated by the vastness of recorded  history and culture surrounding this area. After that, we’ll see where the wind blows!

How the blazes does one afford such an adventure? I’m not rich. My parents aren’t wealthy. I’m actually not even  very good with money.  I’ll definitely write a more detailed post about how I prepared myself financially for this later, but for now I’d like to tell you a little bit about the back bone of my traveling.


Workaway is a brilliant website designed to connect people around the world that want to travel cost effectively, with other people around the world that are seeking help with projects. The general idea is, you volunteer for another person 2-5 hours a day, 5 days a week, and they give you a place to stay and food. I’ll definitely write more about Workaway when I have more hands on experience.

The point is, while I will be paying to cart myself around the world, I won’t be paying for room and board, which means you can travel a lot longer and further on a lot less. It also means that I will be living with people native to the country i’m visiting, which I think is much more beneficial than hostel hopping (Seriously, no offence to any hostel hoppers out there!)

As I travel, I attempt to learn as much of the native  and languages as I can, learn as much about their cultures as I can, and understand a little better what it means to be a human on the planet earth. Oh, and of course the food, and wine!

Well, that in a nutshell is the plan. Stay tuned for updates!

12 Comments on “About the Explorer

  1. I hope you enjoy your travels and I pray for your safety. We’ve never met but I am your great-aunt and I plan to travel along with you through your post.

  2. Bon voyage! It’s a lovely thing to allow other people to live your experiences vicariously. Thank you — Sonja

    • Thank you Sonja! It does me good to know such wonderful people are by my side as I make this journey exploring the world!

  3. I always wanted to see the world now through your eyes I can. Have fun cuz

      • It is Alex thanks, your post are wonderful. I love the photos and hearing about the history you have found, the food and the people you meet. Patiently waiting for your next update.

  4. I’m going to be catching up on your journey today.
    Here in Shakopee it’s is a beautiful Fall day with the temperature reaching high 60’s today. A perfect day for patio sitting and sipping a cuppa while reading your blog this far!
    Proud of you Alex!
    Travel safe!😃

    • Sounds delightful! I’m flattered you’d spend such a beautiful day reading my blog!

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